About Me

I’m a young writer from London. I have built up many stories from drunk nights and other general adventures, that I will hopefully entertain yourself. I also want to travel the world, and this is basically an unwritten timeline. Every blog I read or vlog I listen to, is created after their success and they always say the journey to the top is the most exciting experience, so here is my journey.


The mission:

How often are you sitting on the loo and just find yourself aimlessly scrolling up and down your social media, well this is the water closet blog and as provided by the description, I intend to supply my views and experiences to you, whenever, wherever you are, via laughable yet relatable posts.


The content:

I have chosen 3 main subjects to write about, that occasionally interlink with each other. those 3 subjects are ranting, travel and past memories.


The reason:

Ranting: Described as tirades on the water closet blog, I often find myself complaining far too much, about lots of tiny things, often described as 1st world problems, but my lord they are fucking frustrating! These items are normally spread by our naivety and sheep-like culture, so I’m going to bring them to your attention to war against daily annoyances. please do agree or disagree via the voting buttons, so that I know I’m not alone in my frustrations – even leave a comment to let me know what it is you agree/disagree with specifically

Travel: My passion. I intend to make this a full-time blog, to assist with my travels. I want to share the world with every single one of you. I want all of you to discover how beautiful the world is, and how easy/cheap it is to see these places with your own eyes. frankly, as an English born Londoner, I’m bored of the mundane Benidorm, Magaluf and Tenerife pictures posted every goddamn year. (I’m not saying they are bad places, but the lack of diversity is kinda boring).

Memoirs: It’s so easy to forget the good memories in our lives and other than comedy, sometimes memories are the only other thing that keeps some of us going in life. The beauty of a memory is, that it doesn’t have to be our own, to be enjoyed or provide unparalleled inspiration.


Someone tells me how great their holiday was.
I decide to go on holiday.
I remember the thrill of travelling, therefore my aim is to go travelling.