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latest tirades

Colds & Commuting

Snow has finally fallen on the ground in the south of England. Yes, Winter is here. Now I actually certain aspects of snow, I’ve had wonderful experiences in it, however for it to snow, it needs to be cold, and with the cold comes… colds. Stepping onto the disease-ridden metal box to commute to work is […]

Law of Power – Recreate Yourself

This is my first guest author post, and although I’ve stolen it from text messages, I did ask permission – so it counts. The conversation started with a fantastic podcast, by Victor Pride on Bold and Determined. Victor shared a parable, similar to a Sufi story – which will be one of the posts soon […]

Sugar Awareness

I dislike watching/reading the news. It’s depressing and often attempts to divert us from the real truth, although, in doing so it also provides me with content. As almost all of us are aware of the sugar tax that came into the UK, April 2018. This creates a lot of conversation starters, but in an […]

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